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Things to see in Rome

The Eternal City is full of wonderful places, but its large size means it's also helpful to orientate yourself first and decide what to go and see. These are our tips about the best monuments, piazzas and neighbourhoods not to be missed!

The Colosseum

The Roman monument par excellence, symbol of Rome and the memory of the city's ancient splendour. Its beauty is renowned around the world by tourists and Roman city dwellers alike, and the new pedestrian area alongside the Imperial Forum means you can now appreciate it to the full.

Roman Forum

An extensive archaeological area right in the centre of Rome, which will take you back in time to the origins of Rome. Walking among the ancient columns, structures and monuments will be one of the most memorable experiences of your Roman holiday.

St Peter's Basilica (San Pietro)

A visit to the St Peter's Basilica complex is practically a requirement when staying in the capital. You don't have to be Catholic to appreciate the incredible architectural beauty of this building. If you have time, we also recommend visiting the adjacent Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel!

Trevi Fountain

The famous Trevi Fountain isn't just magnificent and imposing, with all its statues and sculptures that make it unique – it's also a place of real Roman ritual. You won't be able to resist throwing a coin into the fountain to make sure you return to the Eternal City!

Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps)

One of the most famous squares in Rome's historic centre, thanks to the Barcaccia fountain and the majestic staircase leading to the Trinità dei Monti basilica. It's definitely a place to visit at least once while walking around the city centre!

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is immense and will probably leave you speechless. It's majestic during the day, and at night it becomes magical.


If you feel like dining in a special Roman neighbourhood or having an after-dinner drink, Trastevere is the place to go. Its narrow streets, beautiful piazzas and a host of traditional restaurants and bars will offer a unique experience and give you a taste of the city's nightlife.

Gianicolo Terrace

There are several terraces that you can admire Rome from, and one of the most famous is the Gianicolo, located on the hill above Trastevere. If you want to embrace the city from above, you should climb the Gianicolo Hill. Whether you go up during the day or at night, you won't regret it!

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