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Safety Measures and Rules of Conduct

We have been working in the field of holidays, family holidays and outdoor holidays for 40 years. Right from the very first campsite, we decided to place our focus on the local area, remaining respectful of the nature that hosts us and promoting a sustainable style of holiday. We draw our strength from this, we always have and still do now, now that we need clean air, natural contexts to take advantage of all services and wide spaces to ensure distance between accommodation areas.

We want to re-launch. We want peaceful holidays and, for that reason, we are all working together, sharing the experience of Human Company with our colleagues in the open air tourism sector. We are armed with commitment and trust so that we can plan a holiday experience with total safety, while always keeping the care and peace of mind of our guests as a reference point.

In the past as now, we are counting on the wonders that Italy has to offer: the sea, the hills of Chianti, the immensity of Lake Garda and the art cities. Culture, tradition and luxuriant nature are just a step away. Day after day, we have worked and continue to work on our safety measures and rules of conduct in order to offer the same services as always but with ever-increasing care.

Staff Training

• All staff are trained with informative sessions on guidelines and procedures
• Personal protective equipment is distributed to all employees

Cleaning and Sanitising Procedure

• We have extraordinary procedures when we start cleaning, checking and sanitising: the air conditioning systems, swimming pools and water parks, offices and spaces for common use, toilets, accommodation
• Closed spaces are sanitised

Welcome, Check-In and Check-Out

• Online check-in before arrival at the structure necessary to access the village
• The flow of guests at the Welcome Point is managed
• You can arrive using a drive-through entrance, without leaving your car
• Check-out at your accommodation site

Staff Training
Cleaning and Sanitising Procedure
Welcome, Check-In and Check-Out

Accommodation and Mobile Homes

• All accommodation is cleaned and sanitised
• Individual mobile homes are available with a private bathroom and kitchen
• An extra cleaning is service available on request


• Spaces are cleaned, sanitised and ventilated
• Detergent dispensers and information on the rules of conduct are provided
• The necessary distancing is outlined

Market and Catering

• Rooms are cleaned and sanitised
• Detergent dispensers and personal safety equipment are provided
• Quotas are placed on admissions and distancing measures are respected
• Brand new “order&collect” service via smartphone app for take aways and pool bars. Download the "SmartTouch Menu" app from the store (Google Play or App Store)
• All restaurants, bar and supermarket are guaranteed. We cannot guarantee the opening of each shop

Pool Area

• Fixed places for beach umbrellas are provided with the required distances
• Sunbeds are sanified every morning and at every change of guests
• Regulated circulation in the pool area
• The space available to each guest in the pool area will not be affected by the new distances to be kept, as it will reflect the lower occupancy of the campsite itself
• The capacity of sunbeds is in line with the capacity of the village
• Assistance and respect of social distancing will be granted by the surveillance of the lifeguards
• It is not allowed to leave towels on the sunbeds and keep them occupied during the day
• Extra cleaning aids and information points on the current rules of conduct are provided


• Animation activities guaranteed thanks to our big outdoor spaces that help keeping the social distancing
• Entertainment, games and tournaments are designed in accordance with the necessary distance, encouraging individual sports and activities
• New reservation service for limited number activities, to ensure maximum serenity for our guests

Common and sports areas

• Distancing is respected for static individual activities (1 metre) and dynamic activities (2 metres)
• Common and sports areas can be used and are sanitised according to the relevant guidelines
• Outdoor common areas are managed in compliance with social distancing • Entry and exit routes are marked
• Daily sanitization and disinfectant sprays inside playgrounds are provided

Personal safety measures

• Face masks are mandatory if the required social distancing cannot be guaranteed (1 meter) and in any case always necessary in indoor spaces
• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based gel
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands • Wash your hands before and after any contact
• Cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough
• Clean surfaces with chlorine or alcohol-based disinfectants
• Cover your chin, mouth and nose with a mask when engaging in contact closer than one metre
• Use disposal gloves to choose products in commercial establishments
• Avoiding hugging and shaking hands • Keep at least one metre’s distance
• Don’t use bottles or glasses used by others

Accommodation and Mobile Homes
Market and Catering
Pool Area
Common and sports areas
Personal safety measures